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Cargo Handling

The concept

Cement carriers are specialized ships which are designed and equipped to carry bulk cement, flyash and ground granulated blast furnace slag. The vessels are fitted with fluidization systems in the cargo holds which enables the bulk cargo to flow to a central suction point ensuring maximum efficiency in discharging cement and powder. Since the vessels are totally enclosed the operation is environmentally friendly with a dust free operation when discharging pneumatically. The vessels are also able to discharge when it is raining which conventional bulk carriers obviously cannot. The cargo handling equipment is able to discharge up to 1,000 metric tons per hour - subject to vessel's particulars and shore facilities.

Mechanical loading

Mechanical loading uses conveyer belts or screw conveyors to move the cement to the ship. The shore-based ship loader is connected to a loading point on the ship and the cement and powder is distributed through air-slides or screws on deck to different drop-points and released into the holds.